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    All the preparatory work for the introduction of a visa-free regime for short trips between Russia and the European Union could be completed by the end of this year, according to Russia's permanent representative to the European Union, Vladimir Chizhov. "There is a document entitled ‘ Joint steps in the transition to a visa-free regime’ between Russia and the EU. "It is three-quarters completed and there are real prospects of completing the work by the end of this year,”said Chizhov in an interview with the Voice of Russia . He, however, noted that "it is only a short-term trips." He said, following the "common steps" between Russia and the European Union, an agreement should follow on the abolition of visas for short trips of citizens. "In respect of political will on the Russian side I have no doubt, but there is a need for is political will on the part of the European Union,” he said. Chizhov said that there are two major constraints in the development of EU-Russia relations. "First and foremost is the financial and economic crisis in Europe, which diverted the attention of the EU to solve their own problems. “The second factor is the historical prejudice against Russia in some countries of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a number of states of the former Soviet Union, which have since joined the EU,”he said. (Voice of Russia, RIA Novosti)

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