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    The government’s Children’s Minister, Dan Poulter says too many children are dying as a result of not being looked after properly by nurses, doctors or midwives. It comes as the National Health Action Party voice their concerns at the Eastleigh by-election on Saturday. VoR's Juliet Spare reports. Dan Poulter has pledged to reduce the number of child deaths. He's also promised to increase the number of midwives and dedicated maternity units, which he says will help children right from the start. However his pledge comes at a time when campaigners across the country are fighting to save maternity wards from closure. Doctors will be making emergency calls around Eastleigh on Saturday 23rd February and holding pop-up surgeries as the National Health Action Party takes its message around the constituency in an ambulance. But the doctors-on-call won't be dealing with medical complaints. Instead they’ll be with by-election candidate Dr Iain Maclennan answering constituents’ questions about the newly formed National Health Action Party. Dr Maclennan, an ex-Navy medical officer and former NHS GP and public health consultant in Hampshire, is hoping to be the NHA Party’s first MP. Also on board will be the ex-chairman of the Liberal Democrats in Chandlers Ford & Winchester who has defected to the National Health Action Party because of his disillusionment with the LibDems.

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