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    British supermarket giant Tesco has engineered†a 'modesty deal' with the publishers of Zoo, Nuts and Front magazines which will see them produce less overtly sexual covers. Tesco will sell such 'lads mags' only to over-18s, and relegate them to the back of the magazine shelves, with the title only visible. Bizarremagazine will be sold in a bag. The Tesco move comes within days of another well-known British shopping chain, the Co-op telling publishers to supply such magazines in bags in response to customer demand. What the customers really want "We have had in-depth conversations with our customers about this issue and we're putting new measures in place based on what they have told us they want,"said a Tesco spokesman. Although campaigns such as Lose the Lads Mags are vociferous, Tesco said: "We've listened carefully to the concerns raised by the campaign groups but our priority is to make sure we meet our customers' needs and expectations. "To do that we have secured agreement from the publishers of Zoo, Nuts and Front that their magazine covers will be more modest from now on." The debate Debate over 'lads mags' centres on their role as soft porn and whether their overt sexualisation of women - many term it sexism - contributes to harmful attitudes towards women. The magazines have hitherto been freely available in supermarkets where their front cover images of scantily-clad, provocatively-posed women are clearly visible to all customers, including children. VoR debate on the issuewith guests Martin Daubney, former editor of Loaded magazine Dr Peter Hegarty, a social psychologist from the University of Surrey Kate Smurthwaite, a feminist writer and political activist Nichi Hodgson, sex columnist for Menís Healthmagazine (Voice of Russia)

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