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    The Egyptian government says at least 525 people were killed when security forces cleared two protest camps in Cairo on Wednesday. But the final toll is likely to be far higher, with many bodies not yet included in official figures. VoR's Hywel Davies reports. We spoke to Hany El Deeb, spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood organisation in the UK: Download US President Barack Obama has strongly condemned the violence in Egypt, and cancelled joint military exercises. He said co-operation could not continue while civilians were being killed. Egypt's interior ministry has now stated that police are authorised to use live ammunition in self-defence. The government says 525 people died nationwide on Wednesday, but the final toll is likely to be significantly higher. VoR's Brendan Cole spoke to Rosemary Hollis, professor of Middle East Policy Studies at City University, London And asked for her reaction to President Obama's announcement: Download Obama refuses to cut military aid to Egypt as death toll rises Egypt death toll reaches 525 amid global calls for restraint

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