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    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said it is time for sanctions against Iran to be relaxed and confirmed that Iran has agreed to halt its enrichment of 20% uranium. He said the news would be a "breakthrough agreement". In an interview published on the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov said: “Without going into details, the Iranians confirm importantly they are ready to stop enriching uranium to 20%. This could be a truly breakthrough agreement and greatly alleviate the existing problems, including concerns over the possibility of a further escalation of enrichment to weapons grade.” Russia believes it is time to consider relaxing sanctions pressure on Iran amid hope of progress in the standoff over its nuclear programme. Lavrov said: “It is essential that in circumstances where denotes the probability of progress in the negotiations, all parties to refrain from ill-considered steps that could undermine these efforts. Necessary to avoid a further unwinding of sanctions pressure on Iran and to start thinking about how it is possible for the gradual weakening of tangible ways for Iran." He said Iran should be able to continue its nuclear programme under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency. "We believe in the unconditional right of Iran to develop a civilian nuclear program, including the right to enrichment, after clarification of all outstanding issues and putting the entire Iranian nuclear activity under reliable and comprehensive IAEA safeguards," he said.

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