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    Delegates are arriving at a meeting of some of the world’s top executives and elite politicians that is closed to the media and the public to discuss world affairs, the Syria crisis, terrorism and the global economy. No Russian delegates have been invited to the private meeting where a no-fly zone has been imposed. The list of guests at the secretive annual Bilderberg meeting is dominated by western figures including former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, ex-CIA boss David Petraeus, the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde, President of the European Commission Jose Barroso, UK Chancellor George Osborne and the top brass from Amazon, Google, BP, Shell, EADS, HSBC, Barclays and Goldman Sachs. The four-day meeting, in a luxury five-star hotel in Hertfordshire, near London from June 6 will reportedly discuss developments in the Middle East and US foreign policy. This comes at a time when Russia is in advanced talks over a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis. Security tight Local residents say security is so tight public footpaths near the conference will be closed and they will have to show passports and other forms of identity throughout the event. The mayor of nearby Watford has written to the Prime Minister David Cameron to complain about the cost of policing the private event, which is being paid for by the British taxpayer. Protests A Bilderberg Fringe group has set up near the hotel to protest against the meeting and anti-capitalist group Infowars is also set to attempt to disrupt the event. There has been criticism at previous meetings of the apparent high-level international lobbying by some of the world's richest businesses and some of the world's most influential statesmen. Both Google and Amazon are at the centre of tax avoidance disputes in the UK. Andrew Kakabadse, professor of international management development at the Cranfield University School of Management has written a book about the meetings called Bilderberg People. He told IBTimesTV the meetings are: "probably one of the most influential bodies in the world ... in terms of creating a mindset and positioning an agenda". Douglas J. Flint, chairman of HSBC is attending, despite his bank being fined for laundering money from Syria used for terrorist networks. Syria will be high on the agenda of the meeting. Guest list dominated by western politicians and big business Other invited guests include the former French PM Francois Fillon, former Italian PM Mario Monti, Polish Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Rostowski, Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt and Finland’s Minister of Finance Jutta Urpilainen. Delegates include the senior board-level chiefs of AXA, Deutsche Bank, Capgemini Group, Inditex Group, Lazard, Johnson Capital Partners, Siemens, Michelin and Prudential. The closed meeting will also discuss nationalism and populism, Africa’s challenges, cyber warfare and the proliferation of asymmetric threats. Conspicuously, no participants are present from Russia which holds its own view of many international political and economic issues. The secretive nature of Bilderberg meetings has proved controversial with both politicians and broad public opinion in Russia. No fly zone Hertfordshire police have put restrictions on access to the luxury hotel and surrounding roads. A police notice to residents said: "Due to the nature of this event the hotel and its grounds will be closed to all non-residential guests between 14:00 on June 5 and 14:00 on June 9. "There will be no pedestrian access to the A411 Hempstead Road and Langleybury Lane from where itcrosses the M25 spur road.Most importantly there is also no access to all the rights of way across the grounds. "No aircraft is to fly below 2,500 feet above mean sea level within one nautical mile of the Grove Hotel. "It includes all forms of aircraft – including all unmanned aerial vehicles under 7.5kg. "Working in partnership with the CAA we will vigorously pursue anyone trying to gain access to this airspace." (Voice of Russia)

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