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    Twenty-nine police officers were injured on Saturday in fresh unrest over restrictions to the flying of the Union Flag at Belfast's City Hall. The violence followed a 1,000-strong protest against the Council's decision to fly the flag only on designated days like royal birthdays. Police deployed water cannons and plastic bullets to separate the clashing loyalists and sectarian groups. Protestors pelted officers with rocks and fireworks. Loyalist demonstrations have been ongoing for almost six weeks. More than 100 people have been arrested and dozens of police officers have been injured. Senior politicians from Belfast, Dublin and London are due to meet next week to try and find solutions to the unrest. Last week, Terry Spence, chairman of Northern Ireland's police federation, told VoR that local politicians had lost control of the situation. The flag was last raised on Wednesday to mark the Duchess of Cambridge's 31st birthday, for one day only, and was lowered in the evening with loyalists resolved to continue their protests.

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