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    Police in central London made 38 arrests as protesters took to the streets for a 'Carnival Against Capitalism' ahead of next week's two-day G8 summit in Northern Ireland. VoR's Juliet Spare was on the scene. The security programme for the gathering of world leaders, including Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, at the Lough Erne golf resort in County Fermanagh will be the biggest in Northern Ireland's history. In London on Tuesday, Metropolitan Police wearing riot gear and using chainsaws forced protesters out of a disused police station in the Soho district, which was being used as a base for the protests targeting West End premises including financial institutions and oil company offices. "The police are reacting as if people are clearly intending to be violent,"an unnamed protester told Voice of Russia. Photo: Stephanie Stapleton "They're gearing up for a riot, making it very clear they're here to use physical force". Local politician Ed Argar said that protesters had a right to air their views, but the city must be kept running, and he hoped the day would pass without incident. "However, business people, shop staff and visitors have the right to go about the West End without intimidation or interference and we will do our best to ensure the centre of London runs smoothly." Photo: Stephanie Stapleton Protester Dave Dewhurst of the Occupy movement told Voice of Russia that the demonstration was to draw attention to the suffering being inflicted on the majority of the population by the tiny minority of the super-rich. "What we know in this country -  on published accounts, not hidden stuff - is that there are 1,000 people who have 4.5%-8.1% of the wealth, depending on how you do the maths," he said. "The greed of the richest is the driver for the economic mess we're in. We've got to let them know that we know what they're doing, otherwise they will go on doing it and make ordinary people pay for the mistakes of the rich." Interview with Dave: Download London has been the scene of several high-profile anti-capitalist demonstrations in recent years. In 2009, when the G20 summit took place in London's Docklands, thousands of protesters clashed with police and newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson died following a confrontation with police officers. The last G8 meeting to take place in the United Kingdom was in Scotland in 2005, when again there were hundreds of arrests after violent clashes.

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