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    British forces are holding around 90 people at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan amid allegatons that the army is running a secret detention facility at the base. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said that many posed a danger to British troops. VoR's Brendan Cole spoke to Rosa Curling, a human rights lawyer. Britain was working to move up to 90 suspected insurgents being held at its main base in Afghanistan, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said Wednesday, as lawyers claimed they were possibly being detained unlawfully. British lawyers representing eight of the men being held at Camp Bastion in the southern province of Helmand claim their cases could amount to internment. Hammond said the detainees in the "temporary holding facility" included people suspected of attacking British troops who will be passed on to the Afghan authorities, but that their transfers had been held up. He dismissed claims that the facility was secret as "patently ridiculous" and said the British parliament had been informed of the detentions. Hammond said Britain would normally expect to be holding around 20 Afghans at Camp Bastion at any one time, but concerns about a particular facility they might be transferred to had created a hold-up in the system. "These are people suspected of murdering British troops, of facilitating or planting or being involved with IEDs (improvised explosive devices)," the minister said. "Our attention was drawn to some concerns around one particular Afghan facility. We were unable to obtain cast-iron guarantees that the prisoners that we were transferring wouldn't be transferred into that facility. "And so I decided last November that we had to stop transfers until we had sorted that out and got a safe pathway." Hammond said he hoped to restart transfers within days. (AFP)

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