Budget day dismal outlook

British Chancellor George Osborne pledged in his Budget on Wednesday to cut corporation tax to 20 per cent, announced plans to boost the housing market with interest-free loans, cancelled a planned fuel duty increase and cut the price of beer by 1p a pint. VoR got some expert reactions to the Budget. Mr Osborne said it was a budget aimed at 'those who want to work and get on,' insisting that the UK would avoid a triple dip recession and that his plans were still working. But in a noisy House of Commons in which the announcements were constantly interrupted Ed Miliband, the leader of the opposition, called the budget "more of the same from a downgraded chancellor". VoR spoke to: Jonathan Portes - Director of National Institute of Economic and Social Research and former chief economist at the Cabinet Office (audio above) Professor Michael Ben-Gad - head of Economics at City University in London (click Download below to listen to the audio) Download

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