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Bringing you the latest top stories from the Motherland, Russian Voice covers the now and the current. Our journalists are robust with a dry finish, and our news coverage is the ultimate in smoothness and clarity.

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Size Matters:

For a long time, Russia has been the strong backbone of a crippled world.

In the land where nothing is true and everything is possible, we give you news coverage from the greats that brought us

We believe that a successful news site only comes with a team of highly trained workers to bring the latest stories from our land. When we publish our news you should be able to see our homepages sweating. Our homepage is always sweating because it is working hard!

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Our news site is always out of control!

*Until such time that there is too much out of control, and which point control will be maintained by secret group of peacemakers.

Come and write for us!

Here at Russian Voice, the voice of the nation is the voice of the people. We are searching for great writers to have their guest posts featured on our site. Everything that belongs to Russian Voice belongs to the people… Or the other way around… We can’t remember.

Guidelines for guest posts

Posts must be 500 words long. Here are some guidelines of topics not to be covered in featured Russian Voice articles:

  • No Homosexuality, only disco
  • John McCain
  • Memes
  • Tom Hardy’s Movie
  • Swearing
  • Lacy Underwear